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Coronavirus has affected all of us, it has upset and demoralized us, made us lose touch with reality, we feel like we’re in something out of science fiction. There is no reliable information, images of danger, the dead, hooded men everywhere have become our daily bread. Even those who should give us some assurance are unable to do so. The discussions of the experts leave us more confused than convinced. The various newscasts (with ominous background music as if Voldemort were about to arrive with his Death Eaters and Dementors)  which should culturally inform us, completely fail to do so. On the contrary after a long day of in-depth analysis, we end up like a child after a Math lesson saying: I haven’t understood anything, even what little I did know is wrong (organized misinformation).

And now we have come to those who do not speak, who endure, who look at the world with wide, deep, ever sadder eyes: children.

And unfortunately they are mainly affected without being heard, guided by experts for the “good of their future” and “for the sake of their health”.

And so, without any scientific evidence children:

  1. Are isolated as if they were the plague-spreaders of society, even though most scientists agree that children do not get infected and do not infect.
  2. They are forced to wear masks with no scientific evidence as to a possible effect on the transmission chain. But there is no mention of the fact anywhere that these masks are a real danger for children with even serious, permanent consequences. There is no scientific research as to the harmful effect of masks on children, but as they are usually a protective device at work, there are regulations regarding their use. These limit the maximum time limit for filtering masks for workers to 75 continuous minutes. Then 30 minutes rest is required for a maximum of 4 working days.
  3. They are distanced from each other, depriving them of the joys of childhood.

4)  They are denied their most basic constitutional rights on privacy (the filming of online lessons and exams pass from the network operators to their destination, easily intercepted at various levels: they are not a CEM).

5) They are alienated from the outside world, and especially from nature, now considered to be a threat to their health.

And eventually they will also have to undergo a vaccination (children have already been recruited for the second phase of testing) for something, from which they cannot get sick nor transmit, as reported by most of the international literature. There are more than 140 trials worldwide on volunteers, with the obvious associated risks, to find the vaccine. At the moment however this is often influenced by various conflicts of interest which have nothing to do with “the good of their future” or with “the sake of their health”, quite the opposite.

History repeats itself (let’s go back to the 80’s), children didn’t count, a sterile wall was created around them in their school world and they were driven into a virtual world.

As the famous French writer Michel Houellebecq says:

“After the Coronavirus crisis we will not wake up in a new world; it will be the same, just a bit worse. For some years all technological progress, both small (video on demand, card payments) and large (working from home, internet shopping, social networks) has resulted in reduced material and mainly human contacts (the main objective).

The pandemic is the perfect excuse for this fatal trend”

I have nothing to add.





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