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It is becoming increasingly evident that the main means of transmission of the Coronavirus is by aerosols. Measures that should have reduced this transmission have not yet been taken, whereas several serious errors have been made, which have led to a progressive deterioration of the situation day for day worldwide.

Error 1: Advice/obligation for people with Coronavirus to wear masks:

                Due to reduced pulmonary clearance, masks increase the endogenous viral load. This, combined with the increased pulmonary activity induced by the masks (about 30 times higher), causes an aggravation of the disease with frequent fatal outcome.

Error 2: Obligation to wear masks for people not yet infected (except people in contact with the sick like doctors, nurses etc., where the only protective mask against the virus, the FFP2,3, is necessary)

                A healthy person, wearing a mask (except FFP2,3 worn in an absolutely airtight manner, which is extremely rare) who comes into contact with an infectious person, catches the virus anyway- But their situation will get worse because of the increased endogenous viral load as a result of the reduced pulmonary clearance (caused by the mask). Another reason why there is a high mortality in the countries currently affected, where nearly everyone wears masks. N.B. our organism has four main pathways for the elimination of toxins: kidneys, intestine, skin and lungs. The reduction of one of these pathways results in a serious impairment of health, which can be fatal.

Error 3: Obligatory social distancing regardless of age.

                                Young people especially spread the virus among themselves without getting ill and create a protective immunological shield around the weaker: the elderly and the sick. Government rules prevent them from forming a natural herd immunity, which will then be created as soon as possible by a vaccination dangerous for everyone.

Error 4: Postponing all the necessary measures to be taken in the “hope” for a vaccine:

                Vaccination is dangerous for two reasons:

  1. The search for a vaccine has now degenerated into a commercial/political race in the order of billions of euro at very different levels. That is why the necessary time to develop a safe vaccine, neutral ethical committees, objective information from the media, opinions of independent experts, responsible public health policies, and worse still: the safety of the vaccine have all been sacrificed.
  2. For the first time in the history of medicine mass vaccination is being programmed during an epidemic (and specifically during a pandemic). This despite the well known, even extremely serious complications of vaccinating people in the incubation period. Even more alarming is the fact that the vaccination will mainly be carried out on people for whom the coronavirus is not significantly clinically dangerous. To perform it even on children is a crime against humanity.

Error 5: Mistaken identification of the means of transmission of the virus:

                The virus is almost exclusively transmitted by aerosols in closed, badly ventilated environments. In this respect, in no way have efficient measures been taken to deal with the emergency. These should have led mainly to an improvement of the microclimate in indoor environments.


Furthermore it is imperative to avoid opening additional secondary fronts, intended solely as diversion tactics (broad spectrum swabs, travel limitations, alarmism for schools, Sars CoV-Clusters and distressing forecasts of a second wave.

The truth is like a lion: you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose, it will defend itself.